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Channel 5 With Andrew Callaghan

Channel 5 with Andrew Callaghan presents a distinctive approach to journalism on YouTube, focusing on in-depth, on-site reporting from across the United States. The channel shines a light on a variety of cultural, political, and social events, capturing the essence of contemporary American life through the eyes of its people. Andrew Callaghan’s interviews span a broad spectrum of individuals, from activists and politicians to everyday citizens, offering a unique blend of perspectives that are often absent from conventional news outlets. With a straightforward and engaging style, Channel 5 presents the stories behind headlines, exploring the nuances and complexities of society. This approach not only informs viewers but also encourages a deeper understanding of the diverse perspectives that define the American experience.

All Gas No Brakes (old channel)

  • Donald Trump Assassination Attempt

    Here is our video interviewing on-scene eyewitnesses in Butler, PA in the immediate aftermath of the assassination attempt on Donald Trump's life, which resulted in a bullet grazing his ear. As mentioned, we are currently on tour screening our new documentary film, 'Dear Kelly.' If you'd like to buy tickets for our upcoming screenings this week in Tucson, San Diego, Tacoma, Portland, or Los Angeles, visit the link here:

  • Davis Clarke

    This episode is sponsored by Ground News. Go to to subscribe to the unlimited access Vantage subscription that brings the price down to about $5 a month Also, tickets to the upcoming private screenings of 'Dear Kelly' are available at If you'd like to see our full interview with Yung Gravy x Davis Clarke, go to our Patreon,

  • Folsom Street Fair (2021) (Age-Restricted)

    This video was filmed in 2021, but never released on YouTube. By the grace of god, YouTube has somehow approved this to be released, so here it is.

  • Connecticut Kia Boyz

    Here's our new video. Get the exclusive NordVPN deal here: It’s risk free with Nord’s 30 day money-back guarantee!

  • D.A.R.E. Conference

    This is our coverage of the international D.A.R.E. Conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. Use code channel5 at to get an exclusive 60% off the annual plan!

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