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Fair Use Disclaimer

Introduction & Purpose:

Welcome to Alternative Media Directory, a privately curated directory and content aggregator dedicated to spotlighting sources beyond the mainstream landscape. Our primary mission is to serve as a centralized resource for independent researchers and enthusiasts, offering a diverse range of information. By merging the functions of a directory and an aggregator, we aim to provide an efficient and streamlined tool for accessing content dispersed across the digital realm, especially those that offer alternative perspectives and narratives. In the spirit of fostering knowledge dissemination, we list various platforms, podcasts, websites, and more, ensuring that our users have a comprehensive and unique resource at their fingertips.

Fair Use Declaration:

  1. Educational Intent: This website has been established with a primary educational and informational goal in mind. It’s meant to assist, guide, and enrich the user’s journey to find alternative media and information. While we display logos, cover art, thumbnails, and other copyrighted materials to aid in identification, it’s essential to understand that this is done under the doctrine of “fair use” as provided by the Copyright Act (17 U.S.C. § 107).

  2. Transformative Use & Commentary: The use of logos, cover art, thumbnails, and other copyrighted materials is intended to be transformative, providing a unique context within our platform. Each listing (with some categories excluded) is accompanied by our original descriptions, offering distinct insights and perspectives not found on the original platforms. This commentary aids users in understanding the essence and value of each listed resource, further emphasizing the transformative nature of our platform.

  3.    Non-Commercial Use: Alternative Media Directory is not in the business of monetizing the content or intellectual property of the listed platforms directly. While the website may contain affiliate links or other monetization methods, these are separate from the listings and do not derive direct commercial benefit from the copyrighted materials displayed. These links are not tied to or indicative of the commercial value of the platforms listed.

  4. Benefiting the Public: By centralizing resources in one location, we aim to provide a public service that saves researchers and users time, offering easier access to invaluable information. In an age of information abundance, our curated access plays a vital role in the public interest.

  5. Nature of Copyrighted Work: The copyrighted materials used are primarily factual and published, reducing the scope of protection against fair use.

  6.  Amount & Substantiality: We ensure that only minimal and necessary portions of copyrighted materials are used, focusing on what’s essential for identification and commentary, without replicating the essence or “heart” of the original content.

  7. Market Impact: Our platform aims to promote and drive traffic to the original content creators, ensuring that our use does not diminish the market value of the original works.

  8.  Acknowledgment of Rights: We explicitly acknowledge and respect the rights of original content creators. We neither claim ownership nor affiliation with any of the platforms, podcasts, or websites unless explicitly stated. Our intent is not to dilute or compromise the integrity of any content but rather to celebrate and promote it.

  9. RSS Feed Usage: In addition to the aforementioned materials, we also utilize RSS feeds to aggregate and display content from various platforms. The use of these feeds is purely for informational purposes, allowing users to access a snapshot or summary of the original content. By doing so, we aim to drive traffic back to the original sources, ensuring that content creators receive proper recognition and engagement. It’s important to note that RSS feeds are publicly available tools provided by content creators for syndication and distribution. Our use of these feeds aligns with the principles of fair use, as we only display limited excerpts and always attribute the original source.

  10. Recommendation for Content Owners: We prioritize open communication and collaboration. If you’re a content owner and believe that any content on our website infringes upon your copyright, please contact us. We’re committed to addressing concerns promptly, ensuring mutual understanding, and finding amicable solutions.


Through Alternative Media Directory, we operate in good faith, aiming to respect and uplift the work of content creators while providing a valuable service to our users. We strive to promote knowledge dissemination, echoing the American ideal of a free flow of information. While we stand by the principles of fair use and our mission to serve the public, we are always open to feedback and suggestions from the community and the original content creators. Thank you for joining us on this journey of discovery and knowledge.