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Lemmy is an innovative link-aggregator platform, drawing parallels with popular sites like Reddit and HackerNews. However, Lemmy distinguishes itself by being open-source, allowing anyone with the technical know-how to utilize its source code and establish their own unique website, termed a “Lemmy Instance.” Each of these instances operates as a standalone entity, akin to a full-fledged Reddit alternative. What sets Lemmy apart is its federation feature, enabling different instances to interconnect. For instance, while users create accounts on specific Lemmy instances, they can still access and engage with content from other federated instances. This federation model is reminiscent of how email services operate, where separate platforms like Gmail and Hotmail can interact seamlessly. In Lemmy’s ecosystem, while accounts are instance-specific, the overarching network promotes a sense of unity and expansive reach across all its federated instances.

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