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Nick Johnson

Nick Johnson specializes in the “Unboxing America” series where he explores various states across the United States. His videos provide a blend of humor, facts, and well-produced content to educate viewers about different regions. Johnson’s approach offers a socio-geographical-political perspective, breaking down the unique aspects of each state. His channel has gained popularity for its honest and sometimes brutally honest views, attracting viewers interested in learning about the diverse facets of American states from a unique angle.

Youtube Feed

  • This Homeless Guy Is Doomed!

    Full video here: I Went Back To My Hometown And It Was Ruined!! #california #shorts

  • The 5 Most Dangerous States In America
  • This Is Life In Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas

    There's so much going on in Dallas and Fort Worth, Texas y'all! We spent three days in one of the biggest metro areas in the state. Dallas is very rich and fancy. Fort Worth is very traditional and conservative. Wonderful people! #texas Email me: I can help you find a real estate agent! Email me! My Instagram: Nick Johnson YouTube- I have a Patreon if you love it so much! Here's the link to donate to the channel: You can buy my music here: iTunes: This channel is about America! The best video on this topic!

  • The Crime In America Is Outrageous Now
  • There Was Just A HUGE Fire In Downtown Detroit 🔥

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