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RODECaster Pro II with RODECover II, SanDisk 32GB microSD Card and StreamEye Polishing Cloth

Elevate your audio game with the RODECaster Pro II, the definitive audio production console tailored for streamers, podcasters, musicians, and content creators. This bundle promises:

  • Unmatched Audio Quality: Powered by four studio-grade Neutrik combo inputs and Revolution Preamps, the RODECaster Pro II ensures crystal-clear sound capture, whether you’re using a microphone or an instrument.
  • Intuitive User Experience: Navigate with ease using the 5.5-inch high-definition touchscreen, complemented by tactile controls, RGB color-coding, and a rotary encoder.
  • Customizable Soundscapes: Dive into the VoxLab processing editor and pre-loaded presets to craft your signature sound. The onboard APHEX processors, including the renowned Aural Exciter and Big Bottom, let you refine your audio to professional standards.
  • Versatile Effects: From reverb and delay to pitch-shifting and unique robot effects, the RODECaster Pro II offers a plethora of on-board effects to enhance your recordings.
  • Future-Ready: With its high-performance quad-core audio engine, the RODECaster Pro II is not just about today’s capabilities but is primed for future updates, ensuring you’re always ahead in the audio game.

Bonus Items:

  • RODECover II: Protect your RODECaster Pro II with this custom cover, ensuring it remains dust-free and ready for action.
  • SanDisk 32GB microSD Card: Store your recordings with ease on this high-capacity microSD card.
  • StreamEye Polishing Cloth: Keep your console looking pristine with this premium polishing cloth.

The RODECaster Pro II bundle is a comprehensive solution for creators who demand the best in audio production.

RODECaster Pro II with RODECover II, SanDisk 32GB microSD Card and StreamEye Polishing Cloth