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The Odysee channel “Psinergy” offers a unique blend of content focusing on holistic health, technology wellness, and spiritual well-being. This channel stands out for its diverse range of videos that delve into alternative health therapies, tech tips for maintaining digital health, and discussions aimed at fostering a harmonious balance between technology and personal wellness. With its content, Psinergy seeks to engage viewers who are interested in enhancing their physical, technological, and spiritual lives through practical advice and insightful discussions.


  • Honker parody parity

    lolmuch love late nt crewi hope i am wrong, he seems like a genuine man

  • Skynet, WBAN & Lavender/Maven potentials

    Discussing cybersecurity and the human body biotelemetry ... cause that's what we do here when we are not practicing how to navigate our bioelectricity 😉 Thank you all who took part!Mark 5:36amen genesys SWAN - DAWN OF THE SUPER SOLDIER - I/ITSEC 2023 in Healthcare - Biosafety,computing%20and%20blockchain%20%5B4%5D. MIT to peer networkingpersonal area network mesh networking maven

  • Quick note and love to my green channel

    going live bw 230 and 3 estthere will be a replay!Mark 5:36amen

  • Wed april 17 coming up on the channel engelstein ;)will be finishing up today and then i will be gone from thursday until next wed. Mark 5:36amen

  • Porch chat: hvy thinkin

    for psinergists … (cause if ur new it may seem odd to you due to missing context of rdg and research, respectfully)Jesus did not brag about what He did out there in the world. He wanted others to know their divine spark was extant and they need not bend to those around them purporting false ways to exist here in our realm.Heavy thinking for all the beautiful openness of heartfire and blazing through the veil of knowledge subterfuge. Braden networkhow they see the world … live and the short version about the phoenicians using up their own ppl“driveway chat” lolMark 5:37amen (check thumb)

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