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SubgraphOS is an advanced desktop operating system meticulously engineered for enhanced security in an increasingly hostile digital landscape. Its core is fortified with a hardened kernel, incorporating the robust grsecurity, PaX, and RAP technologies, which collectively heighten resistance to a myriad of cyber threats, including modern exploits and privilege escalation techniques. The OS design balances security with user-friendliness, presenting a familiar interface akin to contemporary desktop environments, even in its alpha release. It features strategic system-wide attack mitigations that uniformly protect the operating system and all applications. Uniquely, SubgraphOS runs critical applications in specialized sandbox environments—courtesy of its Oz framework—further isolating them to diminish the effects of potential security breaches. This design philosophy extends beyond mere defense, focusing on empowering users and organizations worldwide to communicate, share, and collaborate securely, free from concerns of surveillance or interference from sophisticated network-based adversaries. 

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